The Company

Our company’s philosophy is to carry out sustainable activities so as to create value from regional raw materials. We supply to different markets with well-known high quality products. Our mission is based on a socially responsible management and a strong commitment with the environment care.

The first link in the chain is our business unit AGH AgroNegocios.

We have a clearly defined objective….to work together with the producers.

In this company, we are responsible for the cereals primary production, by making use of our sowing systems or using associates. Also, we are in charge of developing new strategies for the agricultural and livestock business. We provide our clients / producers the needed supplies, services or agro machinery for the sowing and crops care. We work together with leading companies in the market.

Another important task in this sector is the soy and wheat multiplication and control. Thus, we provide high quality seeds, which will be harvested and used as a raw material in the following link in this chain.

The cereals stockpiling is based on the excellent services provided to clients / producers, which in case of exports, they are adjusted to the reception, conditioning and preservation regulations established by the processing industry and international rules. 

We have an oil industry, which manufactures soy expeller using the thermo pressing system. This industry provides our plant with balanced food made from a high quality product, which have stable protein and fat levels. The resulting oil from the pressing is commercialized in the domestic and international market.

Avigan, our strongly positioned trademark in the Animal Nourishing market, bases its differentiation strategy on the quality of the manufactured products and on the pre and post sales services performed by nutritionists and veterinarians.

All our products are approved by Senasa and are certified by ISO 9001, the highest quality norms from Bureau Veritas. This means that all the raw material that comes into the plant, is sampled according to very strict controls which guarantee high quality and complete traceability. 

A top-notch industrial technology and biotechnological developments have allowed us to launch our own trademark products. In some cases, we associate with well-known international companies with the same objective.

This unit has an extensive commercialization  network that comprises large areas in Argentina and it also has broken into the MERCOSUR market as well as the European and African markets.

In order to broaden the scope of our business, we have made inroads into pet food production and commercialization and we are competing with trademarks such as CanFeed, Iron Pet, Ulyses and Super Pet.

We develop broiler chicken production in a vertically integrated way, starting from the breeders’  raising up to the ready to consume broiler chicken. In the first link of the production chain, we get the fertilized eggs which will later be hatched in a top-notch machine. Afterwards, the BB chicks are born from the latter ones and are transported to our own fattening sheds or to an integration system.

This fattening sheds have top-notch technology which allows the chicken raising in a comfortable and climate-controlled environment that assures the animal welfare. In turn, the birds growth is supervised by a veterinarians’ team which follows strict sanity and biosecurity regulations and by highly- trained staff who are in charge of taking care of the birds in their different stages. 

We perform the chicken slaughter in a modern processing plant which is authorized by Senasa, in agreement with the national control agency and the highest food sanity standards. As a final product, we get whole chickens, cut-up chickens and elaborated ones with a high content of added value.  We do the logistics by our own means of transports up to all the distribution centers and retailers in our country. Thus, we can take care of the products during their tour.

We turn all the by-products and the organic wastes produced by the chicken slaughter into proteins for industrial use. The remaining liquid wastes are treated in a modern effluent treatment plant, which functions in agreement to the current environmental legal regulations and causing no damage to our ecosystem.

We carry out the commercialization by our own retailers or by sales services in a wide range of branches. Here, we offer Cabañas Don Tito’s meat, Doña Rucha’s dairy products which are made in our own plant. Thus, we get to each sales point with fresh and reliable products.

The egg production begins with the raising of hens since they are one-day-old until they get to the needed maturity to lay eggs to consume. At this stage, the birds are fed in modern farms with Italian technology. These offer them a conditioned environment with food and water automated supplies. All these features assure the birds’ welfare during their whole cycle. A professionals’ team ensures the compliance of all quality regulations, animal welfare as well as holdings biosecurity. 

The combination of the laying hens’ best genetics choice and a comfortable environment allow us to have high quality eggs, which are transported by automated conveyors up to the packaging centre. 

We select and classify the production automatically. We have equipment with the latest technology so we meet the most demanding market needs in the world

These characteristics include the use of violet rays for sterilization, individual weight egg classification, laying date and batch number printing on each unit. All of them allow the products traceability from their origin.

The final destination of the selected eggs is partly the domestic market. In this case, they are packed in cartons of half a dozen or one dozen or in packs of 15 dozens with Carnave and EsVida trademarks.

Another part of the production is aimed for industrialization. In this case, we transport the eggs to our modern processing plant in Compañia Avicola.

Once the raw material is sampled for quality, it is taken to the different production lines, where the egg is cracked by a mechanical system. The obtained liquid is taken to a cold storage chamber. Afterwards, it is pasteurized and packed as such or sent to dehydration chambers. The final products are whole, powdered or liquid whole egg, egg white and egg yolk. 

All the system is rigorously checked by our own laboratory which carries out follows up and permanent analysis, which ensures our products safety and the complete traceability in the production chain, in agreement with the strictest markets demands.

All our processes have a HACCP plan (safety management system which is certified by Det Norske Veritas from Holland). This allows us to break into the demanding European market.

All the factors mentioned above plus the fact that our company has the needed technology, experience and workforce enable our company to supply and meet the needs of the national and international market. Important trademarks such as Bagley, Arcor, AGD, Unilever, Danica and Nestle among others, use our products as raw material in their manufacturing procedures, and they can be found in the main supermarkets chain in our country.