Egg Yolk Powder

The yolk comes from our own fresh eggs, which are sorted out not more than 3 days after they have been laid. They are classified and broken by a breakage machine. The yolk is separated from the white egg, it is homogenized, pasteurized and it is dried at a low temperature by a "spray" system. Going on with the closed circuit of production, it is packed avoiding the cross contamination. We guarantee that we make the best quality yolk of the market with this market.
Our yolk has been well-known for years by the main bakery factories of sweet Christmas bread, puddings, and cookies of our country.


Since it is the most nourishing part of the egg due to the elements that is made of, the egg yolk is the perfect raw material to manufacture top quality products that require sponge and smooth pastry. This can be kept fresh and with nice odor. 

There is no point in comparing a pudding made from only yolk to one made from whole egg. This is the same case for the tea pastries. In the sweet Christmas bread, the yolk gives the freshness and humidity required by the most demanding tastes.

Logically, because of the high price, the sweet Christmas bread is a special product that is always in demand.

No storage problems

It can be kept for up to 12 months at cool and dry room temperature and requires no refrigeration.

Greater Hygiene

Top-quality, graded eggs from our own production, approved bacteriological control, eggs are processed by highly qualified staff and appropriate methods.

Increased Bacteriological Stability

It produces no unpleasant odor or taste. The equipments and circuits are cleaned more efficiently, without leaving any hazardous wastes.

Easy Handling

It can be easily blended with water. It can be dosed very accurately, having a more precise egg level in the mixture.

Practical Hygiene Benefits

It prevents cross contamination since breaking is avoided. It does not attract insects. It avoids the cartons or packages existence.

Technical-Scientific Upgrading

The process controls and the final product characteristics are among the best international standards of competitiveness.