Whole Egg Powder

This product is produced from fresh eggs harvested from our own chickens. We use a strict control that starts in the farms, it goes on in the temporary storage and it becomes rigorous in the production lines. Thus, the powdered whole egg keeps its natural freshness and remains unaltered in its shelf life.

It can be stated that dehydration is the safest preservation method if it is carried out with accurate techniques. We can assure that our product keeps not only its organoleptic qualities but also its functional ones.

Benefits of the use of powdered egg 

No storage problems 

It can be kept for up to 18 months at cool and dry room temperature and requires no refrigeration. 


Greater Hygiene

Top-quality, graded eggs from our own production, approved bacteriological control, eggs are processed by highly qualified staff and appropriate methods.

Increased Bacteriological Stability

It produces no unpleasant odor or taste. The equipments and circuits are cleaned more efficiently, without leaving any hazardous wastes.

Easy Handling

It can be easily blended with water. It can be dosed very accurately, having a more precise egg level in the mixture.

Practical Hygiene Benefits

It prevents cross contamination since breaking is avoided. It does not attract insects. It avoids the cartons or packages existence.

Less Manpower

It avoids the fresh eggs purchase and supervision staff. It avoids the breaking staff and the cleaning wastes and place disinfection.