Liquid Whole Egg

Liguid egg yolk is made from our fresh eggs which were sorted out not more than 3 days after they have been laid.
In this process, the egg is cracked, refrigerated and pasteurized according to international regulations. This process is carried out at an appropriate temperature, with alternating thermo shocks which produce a significant decrease of microorganism and free it from pathogenic germs, with no alterations of the functional egg properties, getting a very similar product to the one made from fresh eggs. Afterwards, it is refrigerated and commercialized in different packages and in large scale.

Advantages of using Pasteurized and Refrigerated  Liquid Whole Egg:

  • Increased use safety, since it is pasteurized.
  • Greater products conservation guaranteed because they are pasteurized.
  • Enhanced cleanliness.
  • Boosted industry management. Since it may be transported from the refrigeration chamber to the production line, by means of stainless steel pipelines.
  • Automatic supply to the mixers and blenders.
  • Higher performance in liquid products such as the mayonnaise.
  • Lower cost because the liquid egg has a less elaborated procedure, because it needs no drying.
  • More adaptable to the normal use of the egg since it needs no previous hydration
  • Better functionality in the shakes, since the powdered egg needs emulsifier for the first rising.

Shelf life: 12 days.